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Djiboutian Alliance Community Service D.A.C.S

I’ Abdul-Wahab Youssouf  President of the Djiboutian Alliance Community Service of  Toronto, Our organization is non-profit  providing a wade range of the much need service manly to Metro-Toronto Djiboutian immigrant,  

Our goals are to enhance the reception and settlement and social service of all Djiboutian community in the Toronto and vicinity as well as ensure the full and equitable participation in all segments of the Canadian multi-cultural mosaic.
Our aims is to improve the quality of our heritage life of the community, we help to respond and advocated to concerns of immigration particularly refugee and those not service by government and other non-governmental organization.
PhotoOur community member emerges from Republic of Djibouti we are francophone we are collaborated with the Francophone communities. In addition our aim is to provide translation and interpretation since our Francophone Community mainly speaks French and English and facilitate a smooth transition in the area of Job search resume covering letter preparation Job referral and networking and workshops and seminars.  

Please help your community to obtain affair access, we run by board of directors who are volunteered for their Service.

Thank You in advance 
 Abdul-Wahab Youssouf
President Djiboutian Alliance in Canada

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