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MRD London: Sanad Wanagsan Umada Reer Djibouti

DJIBOUTI: Samedi, 29 December 2012 (DjibTalk) — Sanad wanagsan dhamaan umaada reer djibouti anigo ku hadlaaya afleeyga garka ah iyo ka xisbiga MRD UK waxan halkan hambalyo uga diraya dhamaan umaada reer djibouti gude iyo dibade ba ku nool waxan mar labaad leeyahay (HAPPY NEW YEAR).
Waxan ilahay inaago baryaaya inu inooga dhiigo sanadka 2013 miid isbadal khayr qaba wata oo leh (MIDNIMO,CADAALAD,SINAAN,iyo HORAMAR) leh.


President MRD UK


LONDON: Mardi 22 Mars  2012  (DjibTalk)  — Nous avons eu a l'occasion d'avoir une interview avec le President du comtite et représentant du parti d’opposition MRD au Royaume Uni, Monsieur Abdul-Rahim Sahardi

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ENGLAND: Mardi, 08 Mai  2012  (DjibTalk)  — Birmingham, West Midlands, UK – 06th of May 2012- MRD UK hold on the said date an  Extraordinary General Meeting to discuss two agendas which was pre-agreed before convening.
Five executive members were present; two attended virtually via the means of new technology (Skype) and one absentee for personal reason. All together seven executive members held the meeting which five were physically present hence under a completed quorum.
The agenda on the day were:
1st; Formulation of internal rules and regulations conform to MRD worldwide and specially to its headquarter (Cite Poudriere, Avenue Nasser, Djibouti).
2nd ; Succession on  MRD-UK incumbent President Mr Mahamoud Ahmed Farah
The two agendas were successfully addressed and the meeting was concluded on the nomination of MRD-UK new president Mr Abdirahim Sahardid who will succeed the seat of President from Mahamoud Ahmed Farah for the term of 1 year.
There was no contender and Mr Abdirahim Sahardid won the election of confidence with 4 votes while 1 vote was void. The two members who attended virtually were not eligible to vote as they could not vote without breaching electoral confidentiality.
Following the election, the new president Mr Abdirahim Sahardid nominated his executive members.
Fathi Mohamed   Abdirahim Sahardid
MRD-UK Secretary  MRD-UK President
Mouvement pour le Renouveau démocratique et le Développement
Birmingham, West Midlands

United Kingdom
The president & the spokesman of the MRD UK;  Abdoulrahim Sahardid 
The vice president; Mohamed Omar (Merito)
The secretary; Fathi Mohamed
The treasure; Omar bouh
The coordinator; yahya Okieh
The controller; Mahamed Wais
The president advicer; Mahamud Ahmed
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