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ARTICLE/OPINION: Dab ma kaa balbalay Aadanoow adaa diiday nabadiiye

DJIBOUTI: Mardi 2, Janvier 2013 (DjibTalk) — 'Dab ma kaa balbalay Aadanoow adaa diiday nabadiiye!' Goes the famous poem of Sheick Moussa Ismail (Ra7matullahi 3alayh) It's never been a question of dominating another tribe or occupying another land,the proof:One,we don't have a single quarter in Borame to blackmail the Gadabuursi for equal rights as in Q5 and two,we don't claim to partner them in Borame as is the case with them in anywhere we happen to be.
It's never been of supremacy because we always consider the Gadabuursi tribe to be independent and distinct Somali-Dir 'Madaloog Dir',it's none of our business what for identity they later adopt.
It's never been of being insolent towards Gadabuursi women,above all they're our mothers,wives,sisters-in-law and nieces,it's just calling a spade a spade without approaching the dignity of anyone of them no matter what.
It's never been confiscating rights because we're the ones to be found at the other side of that line in fact.
All in all,it's never been of rivalry between two poles obviously apart to the record.
Ultimately,as the highly acclaimed Somali wisdom tells 'Hadaan la kala roonaan roob ma da'o!' since a simple,one-man-show post has triggered all the mayhem that's put a dozen people,men and women,in defensive frenzy,I frankly don't see why I should continue my little self-declared war against injustice particular in here.
Nabad iyo Caano.

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